Bad Feelings Bad Business

If you’re not where you want to be in your career or business, Bad Feelings, Bad Business is definitely for you. Ever wonder why, with all the business books, coaching and business courses around, most people are still unable to reach their business goals? Surprisingly, it’s not bad luck, or lack of education, intelligence or experience—it’s hidden emotional issues and unconscious agendas that have no place in the business process.

The fact is that emotions, good and bad, underlie and take total charge of every aspect of the business process, often without anyone realizing it. Get at those blocking your progress and you will kick start not just your business life, but your personal life as well. So if you’re ready, Bad Feelings, Bad Business will give you powerful tools to deal with destructive emotional issues and agendas, yours and those of the people you work with.

Learn how to:

  • Identify and eliminate hidden inclinations and needs within yourself that block progress
  •  Instantly spot and end run emotional agendas in others that cripple your chances of success
  • Spot people you must avoid, or carefully manage, such as political back stabbers or destructive bosses • Overcome life preconditioning, common beliefs and self destructive thinking that ensure failure
  • Turn the tables on people who are intentionally getting in your way
  • Achieve a new level of emotional awareness that will put you in the driver’s seat
  •  Create and maintain winning people-to-people strategies for achieving your business goals