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Is U.S. Business Overregulated? How Government Destroys Our Ability to Compete Globally, by James Sagner

Ask Jim Sagner which candidate in the presidential primary knew the most about economics, world trade, business regulation and its crippling effect on America’s economic health and he’ll tell you that none of the candidates really seemed to know enough. A clear sign, perhaps, that they, like most Americans, could use a lesson on the effects of over-regulation provided in his book: Is U.S. Business Over-regulated? How Government Destroys Our Ability to Compete Globally. American business, Dr. Sagner writes, now faces a worldwide economic crisis. American companies are no longer able to compete effectively in the global marketplace, due in large part, to outdated and unrealistic U.S. regulations. Is there a practical answer to the deepening problem? Jim Sagner says there is: get rid of laws that stay on the books long after they are needed and cripple America’s prospects. Dr. James Sagner is an internationally recognized expert in financial management and economic analysis and he has chaired numerous finance-related conferences internationally, and is a Rockefeller Fellow. Can America compete...

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Singing God’s Work, by Allen Bailey

Tired of the big egos populating the entertainment industry, Allen Bailey decided in 1986 that if he was going to serve a boss, he wanted one who wore a halo, not a baseball cap. It was during a celebration in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King at the Cotton Club in Harlem in 1986 that his idea to form The Harlem Gospel Choir was born. Since then, this world-famous choir of powerhouse Harlem singers and musicians has logged more than a million touring miles. It has sung for rock stars and world leaders, including Nelson Mandela and two Popes. A singing ministry that brings “church” along with foot-tapping, hand-clapping, soul-swelling, spirit-lifting performances to venues around the world, the Harlem Gospel Choir is a force for good, for healing and for joy. In his inspirational memoir, Allen Bailey shares his stories of life on the road with pop stars and gospel singers: helping to plan “The Rumble in The Jungle”, the Ali-Foreman fight, performing on Oprah with Lisa Marie to celebrate Elvis’ 70th birthday, singing at Sir Elton John’s 60th birthday party, and inspiring audiences and gospel lovers around the world, from Ireland, to Poland, to Japan. Watch the interview. Read the...

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The Painter’s Gift, by Penelope Holt

A new Gospel will emerge early in the third millennium. Christ’s message will remain unchanged, but the medium will be different. Three paintings will combine to soften and heal the heart of modern man. Claire Lucas is a young widow and an oil painter of middling ability. Plagued for weeks by a sad dream of Benares, India, she funnels the pivotal image into a work of transcendent majesty. The painting actually radiates heat, requiring a dedicated security guard at the Vetch gallery in Soho, as people yearn to touch it. Viewers are rapt and go away possessed of an overwhelming calm. The painter sells her painting for a life-altering million-five, but suffers a paroxysm of regret and tries to cancel the transaction. She meets and becomes fast allies with the forcefully capable Father Karl Brandt, a priest on the trail of the three foretold masterpieces mentioned in The Angel Scroll, and also Richard Markson, an introverted widower. Someone else wants the paintings enough to kill for them, enough to invade homes in both darkness and daylight. Claire and her champions have quite a bit of ground to make up. The story carries from New York to Jerusalem, Glastonbury Tor to Siena in Italy, author Penelope Holt conveys a flair for descriptive detail, shifting backdrops, and spiritual perspectives. Embark on the...

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